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// PHPBB User Database Plugin. (Requires MySQL Database) require_once './extensions/Auth_phpBB.php'; $wgAuth_Config = array(); // Clean. $wgAuth_Config['WikiGroupName'] = 'Wiki'; // Name of your PHPBB group // users need to be a member // of to use the wiki. (i.e. wiki) // This can also be set to an array // of group names to use more then // one. (ie. // $wgAuth_Config['WikiGroupName'][] = 'Wiki'; // $wgAuth_Config['WikiGroupName'][] = 'Wiki2'; // or // $wgAuth_Config['WikiGroupName'] = array('Wiki', 'Wiki2'); // ) $wgAuth_Config['UseWikiGroup'] = true; // This tells the Plugin to require // a user to be a member of the above // phpBB group. (ie. wiki) Setting // this to false will let any phpBB // user edit the wiki. $wgAuth_Config['UseExtDatabase'] = false; // This tells the plugin that the phpBB tables // are in a different database then the wiki. // The default settings is false. //$wgAuth_Config['MySQL_Host'] = 'localhost'; // phpBB MySQL Host Name. //$wgAuth_Config['MySQL_Username'] = 'username'; // phpBB MySQL Username. //$wgAuth_Config['MySQL_Password'] = 'password'; // phpBB MySQL Password. //$wgAuth_Config['MySQL_Database'] = 'database'; // phpBB MySQL Database Name. $wgAuth_Config['UserTB'] = 'phpbb3_users'; // Name of your PHPBB user table. (i.e. phpbb_users) $wgAuth_Config['GroupsTB'] = 'phpbb3_groups'; // Name of your PHPBB groups table. (i.e. phpbb_groups) $wgAuth_Config['User_GroupTB'] = 'phpbb3_user_group'; // Name of your PHPBB user_group table. (i.e. phpbb_user_group) $wgAuth_Config['PathToPHPBB'] = '../phpbb3/'; // Path from this file to your phpBB install. // Local $wgAuth_Config['LoginMessage'] = 'You need a phpBB account to login.
Click here to create an account.'; // Localize this message. $wgAuth_Config['NoWikiError'] = 'You are not a member of the required phpBB group.'; // Localize this message. $wgAuth = new Auth_phpBB($wgAuth_Config); // Auth_phpBB Plugin.
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